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2018-10-08 05:45
FAW Holographic Assistant

Image: Magazine Features

Chinese brand FAW features a range of three on-board hologram assistants one of which to keep drivers entertained.

The futuristic feature is installed in the new Chinese-made FAW Pentium SUV "T77" which will be available to later in October. 

FAW says the hologram assistants will interact and entertain drivers.

Keeping drivers entertained

One of the characters available is a young girl designed in typical ‘anime’ style, with bright hair and a short dress.

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There are three characters with five different aesthetics drivers can choose from.

FAW Holographic Assistant

                                                                     Image: Magazine Features

The holograms will reportedly respond to voice commands and will be able to carry out actions such as lowering the windows, turning on the windscreen wipers and 41 other capabilities.

The car was first shown to consumers at a plant in the city of Changchun, capital of China’s Jilin Province.

FAW Holographic Assistant

                                                                      Image: Magazine Features


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