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How NASA ASRS technology can help curb road deaths

2018-06-20 12:19

Ahmed Motala

CHANGE in MIND SET: Is the best solution for society combat the SA road death statistics to break away from a culture of blatant disrespect of road rules?

The NASA ASRS system should be implemented on the African continent as a way to reduce road deaths. The system is used in Aviation and can be adapted to any transportation system or mode of transport. 

The aircraft fatality rate this year was the lowest in history due to the fact that all the major stakeholders in aviation follow the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO in aviation safety recommendations that are all aligned. That means that no matter which country you fly in, the rules are the same because all the countries in the world worked together to formulate the guidelines for safe operations.

NASA to curb road deaths

These guidelines rely on constant improvement by all the countries as well as a comprehensive database on all the accidents occurring around the world. Hazard's lead to incidents and incidents lead to accidents.

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The NASA ASRS system is used to identify hazards and rectify them before they escalate into incidents and accidents. Some countries even have an app to report the hazardous condition.

People need to be encouraged to participate in the safety of all transport users and pedestrians. The safety information should be promoted on social media and mainstream media.

The safety information is freely available to all as you will see on the website.

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