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How Ford's upcoming Mustang Mach-E plans to silence range anxiety

2020-06-22 16:30
Ford Mustang Mach E SUV

Image: Ford Motor Company

• Intelligent Range system can accurately predict how much range drivers have by using: past driving behavior, weather forecasts and crowd-sourced data from other Mustang Mach-E vehicles.

• A future over-the-air update will enable even more accurate connected vehicle predictions – including the ability to factor in real-time traffic conditions, terrain and elevation of a given route.

• If a Mustang Mach-E does run out of range, Ford will tow the vehicle to their home, the nearest public charger or an electric vehicle-certified Ford dealer.

"Changes in driver behavior and the environment can impact range, which is the reason other electric vehicles often experience significant range adjustments," said Mark Poll, Ford's EV charging user experience manager.

The Blue Oval is using tech cloud-based technology to provide drivers with a more accurate range figure. This is obviously a concern to drivers of electric vehicles, chief among which is being stuck without any range left in the tank. 

ford mustang mach-e

Image: Quickpic 

The system, Intelligent Range, will calculate range based on past driver behavior and forecast weather conditions – taking advantage of the cloud to predict how much energy will be used in future driving.

The vehicle battery system reports how much energy is available, while the powertrain module tracks how much energy is being used. The weather conditions, i.e warmer or colder weather can impact range and the system takes that into consideration, too, providing the driver with an updated range simultaneously. 

If you're wondering how connected cars are becoming, Ford will crowd source data from other connected Blue Oval electric vehicles who choose to share information on the road which could improve estimates considerably.

It will use the data collected from other vehicles including varying speed, terrain and climate conditions, and use fleet averages across all Mustang Mach-Es to improve range estimates, it'll even provide feedback for routes and conditions an individual customer has never driven before.

Compiled by: Sean Parker

ford mustang mach-e

Image: Quickpic 

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