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Electromobility in Nairobi is clearing the air with solar-powered alternatives

2020-02-16 13:39
solar power

Image: Deutsche Welle

Countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are rated as the most air-polluted in the world. Another country not far behind is Kenya.

In addition to population growth and rapid urbanisation, the air in Nairobi is heavily polluted by emissions from cars, buses and mopeds, with the intake of dirty air leading to a number of health related issues like heart disease, stroke and cancer.

A breath of fresh air

By making use of solar-powered trucks and jeeps with electric motors, there seems to be a little light at the end of a somewhat foggy tunnel and serves as a step in the right direction to a cleaner future.

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The downside with solar systems in the country and in general is that it can become very pricey, pushing it out of reach of a country where poverty is rife. While the energy is cheap, the vehicles themselves are not.

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