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Chevrolet's Tesla-fighter: New Bolt can travel 383km per charge

2016-09-13 08:47

TAKING CHARGE: Chevrolet has claims its new-battery-powered Bolt will have a driving range of 383km. Image: AP / Paul Sancya

Detroit — The Chevrolet Bolt, General Motors' Tesla-fighting electric hatchback for the masses, will be able to go 383 kilometers on a single charge.

The car beats the base rear-wheel-drive Tesla Model S, which can go 336km per charge but costs about $28 500 more.

Tesla rival

The Bolt goes on sale later in 2016 for about $37 500 before a $7500 federal electric vehicle tax credit. It's the first mass-market electric vehicle to cross the 322-kilometer range, a range that will meet or exceed almost every person's daily driving needs.

GM says the Bolt's range was determined in testing by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It takes 9.3 hours to recharge a Bolt from near empty on a 240-Volt home charger, the company said.

The Bolt also will be able to get software fixes over the internet, Pam Fletcher, GM's executive chief engineer for electric vehicles, said at a recent conference.

Tesla's lowest-cost Model S is $66 000 before the credit. Late next year, Tesla plans to start selling the more affordable Model 3. At $35 000 before the credit, it will cost less than the Bolt and is expected to go 346km per charge.

The Palo Alto, California, company makes cars that travel farther than the Bolt, but they come at a price. The new Model S P100D can go about 507km per charge, but it starts at $134 500 without the credit.

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