On the road during lockdown

Here's what motorists should know.

Meet Smokey Nagata

The man behind the legendary twin-turbo V12 Toyota Supra build.


How Ford's upcoming Mustang Mach-E plans to silence range anxiety

2020-06-22 16:30

Ford says its Intelligent Range system on the new all-electric Mustang Mach-E can accurately predict how much range the vehicle has by using driving behaviour data and weather forecasts.

WATCH | Do navigation apps create more traffic?

2020-06-05 07:00

Most drivers depend on navigation apps for driving instructions and avoiding traffic. However, these apps could actually be contributing to an increase in rising congestion.

New Opel Mokka to showcase cockpit of the future

2020-06-04 17:00

German car brand Opel says their next-generation Mokka gives insight into what facias of the next 10 years will look like. With a focus on pure, precise, reduced to the essentials.

WATCH | How augmented reality is changing the car industry

2020-05-21 07:00

By 2025 the car industry will spend a projected $673.6-billion on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality worldwide. Here's what impact it will have on production models.

Jaguar Land Rover offers cabin air purification on new models

2020-05-11 16:52

Jaguar Land Rover is going to extremes to make sure the air filtering into the vehicle's cabin is devoid of bacteria, allergens and even odours.

SEE | These are the 10 least distracting infotainment systems in cars

2020-04-16 13:00

UK motoring publication WhatCar? has tested several models' infotainment systems and listed the top 10 least distracting systems found in new cars.

OPINION | The state of electric vehicles in South Africa

2020-04-15 16:00

In a new report "State of Electric Vehicles in South Africa", the national uYilo eMobility Programme addresses the four focal points of the current standing and future of electric vehicles in the country.

Nissan celebrates Godzilla with GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition

04/09/2019 04:30 Nissan has launched the latest edition of its iconic GT-R to celebrate 50 years of the firm's iconic Skyline GT-R. Sean Parker drove the 408kW Japanese performance car in Gauteng.
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