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Veiled Audi RS6 snapped!

2007-07-05 16:09
Audi's latest fire-breather, the RS6, is being prepared for its world début.

This virtually undisguised model was snapped in final testing at Germany's Nurburgring.

RS6 is stocked with the same V10 currently powering the S6 and S8. However, the addition of twin turbos boosts the power output to a rumoured (and almighty) 426 kW.

Cosmetically, the RS6 features the distinctive chrome side mirrors seen on all S and RS models, while oval twin tailpipes protrude from its rear diffuser.

Other indications of the RS6's sporting potential are its bigger air intakes in the front bumper, wider fenders and the monster diffuser at the rear.

While a sedan is shown in these spy shots, the RS6 will also be available as a super hot Avant.

The M5/E63 AMG contender will be unveiled to scores of motoring enthusiasts at September's Frankfurt Motor Show.


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