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VW plots butch (pimped) Kombi

2006-10-10 07:55

Butch look for the Microbus of the future

Its new Atacama concept vehicle was unveiled at the recent Paris Motor Show. And this Kombi is definitely not the typical Microbus South Africans are used too!

The Atacama is a rugged looking van aimed at on- and off-road use as it comes with a four-wheel-drive setup.

The concept has a pimped look with striking features such as an aluminium grille, air vents and pumped-up wheel arches.

The unique side window design demonstrates the integration of exterior and interior.

According to VW's designers the side window design "both relaxes and extends" the lines on the side of the Atacama and makes "interesting applications" for the interior possible.

The wedge in the panes can be used as an assembly and securing point for a functional interior, for stowage purposes for example, or as securing points for an upper sleeping level.

Technical data:

  • Engine: 2.5-litre five cylinder TDI
  • Output: 120 kW
  • Drive: Four-wheel drive
  • Six-speed gearbox.
  • Off-road tyres: 285/55 R 20

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