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Ultimate lightweight Ferrari spied

2007-07-10 08:09

Less weight, more power for Ferrari's Stradale F430. (AUTOMEDIA)

Here are latest photos of the upcoming Ferrari F430 Challenge Stradale. They were taken at the challenging German Nürburgring - probably the best road or circuit the Stradale could be used on.

The sportscar is Ferrari's answer to Porsche's RS-models, and both of them use almost the same recipe.

While Porsche makes the RS-models lighter but keeps the same engine power as the base GT3, Ferrari gives the CS not just a lighter body but also some more power.

The standard F430 delivers 365kW and the Stradale is believed to give away at least 385kW and about 100 kg less weight.

The biggest visible change are the exhaust pipes that have moved up a bit.

Due to safety regulations around the world the door windows are not made of plastic anymore like on the 360 CS and the wheels have 5 normal bolts instead of one centre bolt like on the Challenge cars.

The inside of the doors is completely made of carbon to keep the weight down. Another light weight trick are Magnesium sport wheels and the carbon grille in the back that also helps to better cool the engine.

It looks like the brakes are upgraded with bigger discs, the soft Pirelli PZero give the car enormous grip, and the interior is completed with deep sport seats.


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