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Scoop: Audi's fresh A3

2008-03-18 07:01
Okay - so the fact that Audi's A3 Sportback is due for a facelift shortly shouldn't really surprise anyone. However, reader Herman Mathee snapped some choice shots of the new car out testing in Namibia recently.

The largely styling update brings the A3 closer in line with the new generation A4 being launched here shortly and the stylish A3 cabriolet launched recently to international markets.

While the overall changes appear largely inconsequential, the production Sportback will feature redesigned headlamps incorporating the daytime LED running lights seen on the R8 and also on the upcoming A4. LED indicators are now also incorporated into the side mirrors.

Furthermore, the Sportback features a fresh front bumper with newly arranged air intakes. The signature Audi grille is in place too, and remains largely unchanged.

At the rear, the bumper gains a blacked-out diffuser-like insert that is hard to spot on the black test unit spotted by Herman.

"The driver reported this one as a 3.2 FSI Turbo Quattro," Herman said. "The rims are the same as those on the old 3.2 Quattro, but this car goes like nothing I have ever seen!

"The headlights also have the new LED clusters, like the new A4," Herman added.

The engine range is expected to remain unchanged, but VW/Audi's new seven-speed DSG transmission could become available in the A3.


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