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New Impreza to be a 247kW hatch

2007-02-07 08:02

Next Subaru Impreza to be a hatchback (Photos: AUTOMEDIA)

Here's one last look at a Subaru Impreza prototype before its make its official debut at the New York Auto Show in a few months.

Subaru gave us a big clue with the showing of their B5 concept, and the Impreza and WRX models are following the B5's lead with a dramatic makeover which turns its trunk into a hatchback!

Yes, that's right: The Impreza, as seen here, will be a hatchback when the new model makes it's debut for the 2008 model year! Just like the B5 Concept.

And, we're hearing the Impreza name may even change with the introduction of the new car, but we can?t imagine Subaru dropping the WRX designation.

As for power Subaru is to upgrade its 2.5-liter H4 turbo, with an output of about 247kW - and maybe even higher in some markets!


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