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Murcielago replacement due 2012?

2009-06-09 08:05
It might be the poster child of supercardom, but time is eventually catching up with Lamborghini’s Murcielago too. What will the replacement be like?

Launched back in 2001, Lamborghini’s Murcielago is nearing the end of its product cycle – we think.

With Lamborghini though, one can never be sure. The original Countach had a 14 year product cycle and its successor, Diablo (Murcielago’s predecessor) was in production for 11 years.

Many thought the wedge shaped, mid-engined V12 supercars from of Sant'Agata would become obsolete considering the environmental demands of the 21st century. Audi does not share this sense of pending doom, and Murcielago's replacement is studiously being prepared for debut in 2012.

The new headline Lamborghini will swop Murcielago’s rather antiquated steel chassis construction for an aluminium and carbon-fibre spaceframe – which should borrow heavily from parent company Audi’s R8 project.

Factored in dimensions, the current Murcielago’s wheelbase is expected to be carried over (axle centre-points are only 15mm further apart than a R8), with only a truncated front overhang the obvious packaging change.

Two generations of V12 powered Sant'Agata beasts. Little difference between the red Countach and yellow Diablo's in terms of styling. Expect Murcielago replacement to carry on this theme.

Power will come from a 6.5 V12 (traceable to the original Bizzarini 3.5L V12 débuting in the 1960s with the 350GT) modified to produce 496kW.

Taming the outlandish power output figure will be Lamborghini’s proven all-wheel drive system.

Styling is expected to be evolutionary at best - which means you'll still see plenty of original Countach clues in the shape.

Amidst the technical rumours surrounding the Murcielago replacement, nobody has happened upon a suitable Bovine moniker for it – yet.


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