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Bystander exposes Volvo's X3

2007-11-05 07:28

Top image: Volvo XC60 caught in the act by a memner of public.
Bottom image: Artist impression

First and foremost, yes, we realise that this camera-phone image ? which was apparently shot through a distorted spot on a car windshield, make this photo appear as it was looking into a funhouse mirror.

But keep in mind that this is the first look ? grainy or not ? of the all-new Volvo XC60.

We've seen the XC60 Concept earlier this year, but this is definitely different. It appears to be an early prototype of the production version and was caught in Northern California wearing European license plates, while participating is some sort of video production.

Running under the codename of Y278, the new XC60 is expected to hit the showroom floor in early 2009.

And now, in the photographers own words:

The circumstances ? I was looking for parking on the street near Fisherman Wharf in San Francisco, CA to hangout with wife and kids, and noticed two motorcycle officers waiting on the side of the road next to a film trailer.
I thought to myself, oh, it must be one of the film crew. I work in the area, and noticed many film trailers before ?I heard a fire engine, as it passed by me. I am not sure if it's a coincidence, or part of the filming. Then behind the fire engine, the two motorcycle cops were escorting the Volvo. They drove really slow.

As the Volvo passed us, I told my wife, damn, I wish I brought my camera, and then she said, "why don't you use your cell phone, duh", then, I sloppily took two pictures ... The street the car was driving on was one way, and I saw it clearly: the front has a European wide license plate, and the rear has a XC60 at the lower left of the rear hatch, and "V o l v o" badge in the usual place.

On the hood, it has the camera stand/pod mounted as if to take picture of the two people inside driving/riding. The front is different from the concept.

Overall, to me it looks like a baby XC90, and has family resemblance to S 80. At the time, because there was no camouflage, I thought the official pictures were already out ? so, I wasn't really chasing it for the pictures.


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