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BMW's 1 Series coupe - pics!

2007-05-30 07:27

BMW's 1 Series coupe is due to appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show (AUTOMEDIA)

Finally, these shots clear and close enough to show - for the very first time - details surrounding the C pillar and the rear quarter window of the upcoming BMW 1 Series coupe.

Engine options for the stylish 1-series coupe have yet to be confirmed, but BMW officials have said they do not plan to offer a four-cylinder engine in America ? although we believe they will be available in European markets too.

But we are expecting a version of the magnesium/aluminium 3.0-litre six-cylinder that is currently found in the 130i, as well as the 3- and 5-series, Z4 coupe and roadster, and X3 and X5.

There is also a strong possibility the 3.0-liter turbo-charged six from the 335i coupe and sedan could find its way into an M version of the 1-series coupe.

Among driving enthusiasts, there is strong sentiment that the 3-series coupe has grown too large and luxurious to be a true sports coupe.

Many of them long for a smaller, simpler car with the driving dynamics BMW has become known for. The 1-series coupe could possibly deliver on that desire, all the while holding its head high as a true BMW.


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