Fresh recall hits 435 000 Jeeps

2013-06-06 15:08

DETROIT, USA - Earlier in June 2013, Wheels24 reported that Chrysler rejected a US safety agency's request to recall as many as 2.7-million Jeep SUVs to fix an alleged risk of fires that have, the agency says, left dozens dead.

The US automaker said it had received a letter from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requesting it to recall Jeep Grand Cherokee units built from 1993-04 and the Jeep Liberty units from model years 2002-2007.


Chrysler has said it "does not agree with NHTSA's conclusions and does not intend to recall the vehicles cited in the investigation. The subject vehicles are safe and are not defective."

On June 06 2013, two days after its defiant stance, the automaker has agreed however, to recall nearly 435 000 Jeeps to fix air bag and transmission fluid leaks.

The automaker will recall more than 254 000 Patriots and Compasses built during 2010 - 2012 in the US due to airbag issues. It's also recalling more than 180 000 Jeep Wranglers (2012 - 2013 models) due to transmission fluid leaks.

According to Chrysler, software errors in Patriot and Compass models could cause late deployment of the side air bags and seat-belt tightening mechanisms.


A power steering line can wear a hole in the transmission oil cooler for its Wrangler models powered by 3.6 V6 engines. The SUVs can leak fluid, damaging the transmission, reports Chrysler.

Both model recalls will begin in July 2013.

When asked about the previous refused recall, Chrysler SA, said: "We stick by what has been said in the release by our principals in the US. We are investigating but are not aware of any similar incidents related to this matter (in South Africa)."


  • Sht Stirrer - 2013-06-06 17:12

    Nice to drive, good looking, but nothing more than expensive cr@p. Buddy of mine had a brand new Grand Cherokee catch fire while driving, totally burnt out. Another friend's Cherokee could not take him through 30cm of water, car died on him, he had to get towed out.

      Nico Basson - 2013-06-08 00:28

      It's because its a Chrysler and they build crap cars.

  • Rudolph Opperman - 2013-06-11 15:47

    @Sht Stirrer, do you have any idea how deep 30cm or 300mm is? The average passenger car has a ground clearance in the region of 150mm and probably has absolutely no critical components close to that. Either you or your buddy is talking a whole load sht.

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