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2014-09-02 08:29

FORD’S DRINK DRIVING SUIT: A driver attempts to perform basic driving manoeuvres while wearing Ford’s ‘Drink Driving Suit’, consisting of weights to restrict movement, headphones to distort hearing and ‘beer goggles’. Image: YouTube/Ford

ESSEX, England– The National Household Travel Survey for 2013, released by Statistics South Africa, revealed that 33 997 000 South Africans “have” a driving licence.

It’s all well and good to issue driving licences but are our new drivers equipped for “real world” conditions not covered by the K53 exam?

Ford will host its second Driving Skills for Life free training programme in the UK later in September 2014. The programme is for drivers who have only recently passed a driving test.


A Ford media release said: “(It) highlights some of the dangers to which, as new drivers, they are exposed - and how they can be minimised. The dangers include using a cellphone while driving, managing emergencies and night and wet-weather driving.”

Earlier in August 2014 Ford Driving Skills for Life research found that one in three young British drivers had taken a ‘selfie’ while driving and that one in four had visited or posted an update on social media sites.

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To demonstrate the dangers of using a smartphone behind the wheel, the updated training, provided by the Automobile Association, will incorporate low-speed manoeuvres in a controlled environment while using these devices.


Ford will also provide its speciall ‘Drink Driving Suit’ consisting of weighted pads to restrict movement, headphones to distort hearing and ‘beer goggles’, all of which replicate the effects of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Ford Driving Skills for Life debuted in the UK in 2013 after a successful 10-year period in the US. The programme is held in  partnership with the AA and the UK's Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

The course will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from September 18-20 2014, at the Heritage Motor Centre museum in Gaydon, central England, over October 4/5 and near London from October 7-9.

Participants can sign up for the free driver training, must be aged 17-24 and have a full UK (manual gearbox) driving licence.

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