Ford sorry for creepy celeb ads

2013-03-25 08:45

NEW YORK, USA - A young creative team at JWT India - an advertising firm owned by the WPP Group – thought they were being  clever when they came up with the ad campaign to show off the Ford Figo’s spacious boot.

According to the DailyMail, the images resemble Paris Hilton grinning at her Kardashian "rivals" while they were bound and gagged in the boot didn’t tickle the automaker’s fancy when they were uploaded to the AdsOfTheWorld website.

Apparently there was no green light given to the agency, a spokesperson for JWT told the MailOnline.


Other images include disgraced former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi giving the peace sign with three scantily clad ladies in similar positions as the "Kardashians" in the boot. Another showed former Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher with track rivals, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso tied-up.

The automaker has since apologised for the shocking images and reprimanded the ad agency for publicising the mockup images. Even though the images were not advertised in any publications, it did hit the internet which we all know is a whole lot worse.

JWT said they “deeply regret the publishing of posters that were distasteful and contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within WPP Group,” according to the DailyMail.


“These were never intended for paid publication and should never have been created, let alone uploaded to the internet. This was the result of individuals acting without proper oversight and appropriate actions have been taken within the agency where they work to deal with the situation,” the ad agency said.

According to their website, JWT is 'India’s most admired marketing communications agency brand.’ Based in Mumbai since 1929, other clients on their list include Pepsico, FritoLay, Nike, Nestle, Nokia, Levi's, Pizza Hut and Kellogg’s.

Ford is livid about the ads and said “the agency was out of line and the posters should never have been created.”

The automaker issued a statement that said: “The posters are contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within Ford an our agency partners. Together with our partners, we are reviewing approval and oversight processes to help ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

  • jc.smit - 2013-03-25 10:14

    Nothing like bad (free) publicity... Should promote the guy that "leaked" the posters...

  • Croix Mactee - 2013-03-25 10:18

    Oh, lighten up for goodness' sake. As for having no permission to use the ad, yes well maybe ok, but there's nothing 'shocking' about it. Time to grow up - and I'm sure the Kardashians will gobble up the attention.

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