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Five reasons why F1 is the pits

2015-04-09 09:23


F1 IN CRISIS: F1 commercial head Bernie Ecclestone says the future of F1 in doubt unless drastic changes are made. Image: AFP / Greg Baker

Johannesburg - Formula 1 chief executive, Bernie Ecclestone, joined former International Automobile Federation president, Max Mosley, in fearing for the survival of the sport.

Mosley, a close ally of Ecclestone's until the end of his reign in 2009, warned that the current state of the sport could see it "collapse".

Ecclestone told Sport Bild: "I will not watch Formula 1 destroy itself because some people made a mistake."


Wheels24 reader ANDREW NOWELL shares his top five reasons why F1 is in crisis.

F1 has become very bland. As a long time supporter I believe the problems are the following:

1 High cost of entry

Costs should be capped to allow junior teams to compete. Sponsorships and TV funding needs to be split equitably.

2 Cars are too uniform

Gone are the days of vastly different engines, tyres etc. These days it's more about micro differences that detract from good selections and inventive combinations.


3 Fuel management

Pit stops used to be critical and fuel levels had to be maintained to get the best possible performance. Now, all cars start with a full tank.

4 DRS zones

This takes a lot of overtaking-skill away from the driver and gives them an idiot-free boost to past the guy ahead.

5 Lack of sound

While hybrids might be here to stay, put a better exhaust on cars to at least make them sound better.

Overall I feel the sport has become too safe, idiot-proof and bland. It leads to a drop in viewer numbers, less money and eventually no sport.


Fanie Van Vuuren said: "Eccelstone - he is the root of all that's wrong with F1!"

Leon Schenk said: "I agree 110% with Nowell. Let the manufacturers do whatever they want to enable them to win, as in pre-1950 races.

"Also make the entry fee lower, and get rid of driver aids, maybe back to manual gearboxes, leave the fancy stuff to Formula E, a good testing ground to be used in passenger cars."

Mike Stuart said: "I agree with your points. Bernie has gone well past his sell by date. With the banning of Tobacco and alcohol sponsors, the teams have got slim picking from big name brands.

"With viewership figures declining they have to do something soon to make this old circus wind swept and interesting."

Hein Nauschutz: "The sport has become more boring as time goes by. Its not so much about the sound or one team winning all the time but rather the stupid rules, resulting in 10sec penalty stops, etc.

"DRS should be banned and proper overtaking manoeuvres should come from a combination of the car and driver skill.

"The days of the Senna/Prost battles, up until the early 2000s are long gone. That was racing! Nowadays the drivers have to go slower to save fuel. The fuel/tyre stops made for good battles, not only within the car, but from the wall as well. It was a team sport. Today, the communication from the wall to the driver is also regulated.

"Watching paint dry might become more exiting!"

Do you agree with Nowell? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts.

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