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First-aid skill: Save a life on the road

2015-02-26 12:43

CAPABLE HANDS: You could save a life if you know what to do. Image: Supplied.

Any road user who knows basic first-aid will be able to help a fellow traveller after a crash or in many other emergency situations.

Picture the scene: a severe collision occurs ahead of you on a quiet road. One driver has a serious neck wound and is losing blood, the other is unconscious and the car looks like it could burn. You panic... as you stand frozen a third car comes towards the wreckage and the injured.


In an alternative version, your first-aid training has prepared you... you quickly put on your car's hazard lights on and place a marker before the bend to warn other drivers. Them you call 911 (or whatever other emergency number your training made you store in your cellphone).

Now you assess the injured and decide to first move the fire-threatened driver away from his car while taking care not to aggravate any injury - especially the spine. While you apply pressure to the other driver’s wound a car comes around the bend and slows to assist.

In a country with 30 to 40 crashes a day you may very well find yourself in dire need of first-aid skills one day. Knowing what to do as a first-responder at an accident scene can mean the difference between life... or death.


Eugene Herbert, managing director of MasterDriver, says: "With the high rate of car crashes on our roads the likelihood of encountering one is high. South Africans spend so much time in vehicles but do not grasp the full magnitude of the risk we and others take in doing so.

"A first-aid course teaches what to do in an emergency. You will learn intermediary skills to cope with such a situation."

Statistics in the US say firefighters respond to more car fires that domestic fires. Some such courses also cover car fires, their causes and how to extinguish them.

Want to empower yourself by undertaking a first-aid course? Now's a good time... call 011 867-4778.

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