Fire risk: Huge Subaru recall

2013-01-04 11:16

WASHINGTON, USA - Subaru USA said it is recalling more than 633 000 vehicles due to a fire risk posed by short-circuiting door lights.

The Japanese automaker reports that its is recalling its Legacy and Outback models built from 2010 to 2011.

Other models affected include Tribeca (2006-12) and Forester (2009-12) vehicles.


The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that more than 53 000 accessory door lights were sold on the affected vehicles.

Each door has two lights to brighten the ground underneath.

Subaru claims a short circuit can develop when the lights are exposed to moisture which may cause smoke or a fire.

The first report of smoke or fire came from a Tribeca owner in April 2007. Another smoke/fire incident was reported on a Outback and Legacy in March 2010 and in 2011, Subaru opened an investigation into the issue.

In September 2007, the automaker added dielectric grease to the connectors.

A second change was made in June 2008 to the wiring of the lights, to reduce the chance of corrosion. A further change was made in November 2008 to improve the wiring.

Subaru dealers will install an additional harness with a new fuse to prevent fires. The automaker will notifying owners by February 2013 as it prepares parts to complete the recall.

Fortunately the South African models do not have puddle lights, so are exempt from the recall.

  • rupert.culwick - 2013-01-05 12:26

    No comment from Subaru S.A. How typical of them. Their sales are falling, they refuse to respond to customer complaints, merely refer you back to the dealer who was the problem in the first place. Their TECHNICAL DEPARMENT are so arrogant they refuse to talk to a customer, one must talk to a secretary and wait for an answer. MD is Japanese and does not speak any S.A. language. No second in charge to respond to customer complaits. Technical personal are not qualified to make informed decisions because they have have no clue what they are trying to fix. Sent them a DVD showing a problem and, only after constant badgering, was it eventually sent to Japan six months later. Short time later reply from Japan solved the problem. I love the vechiles,(5 in the last 8 years)but the total lack of support for the Brand from the local branch means I will join the defectors when I change cars.

      raath - 2013-01-07 14:01

      I was looking at getting the WRX, but after reading your comment I am doubting...

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