‘Fine-free’ Irma wins R25 000

2013-03-06 15:13

CAPE TOWN - In January 2013 we reported that the Cape's minister of transport and public works, Robin Carlisle, awarded the first winner of the Western Cape's Safely Home Road Safety Reward campaign with his share of R50 000.

The campaign was launched in December 2012 and was intended to reward a driver for good behaviour on our roads over the Christmas period.

Two cash prizes of R25 000 were to be awarded to two qualifying drivers, drawn at random, from drivers with their vehicle(s) registered in the province.

The second winner, Irma Liberty, received R25 000 in the random draw conducted on January 21 2013. Liberty (65), a resident of Rondebosch, is a retired librarian who drives a Toyota Conquest.

According to Carlisle: “This reward is part of a behavioural economics approach aimed at establishing a culture of obeying road rules by promoting an identity of responsible road users.

“Through drivers and road users such as Liberty, who abide by the rules of the road and continue to set examples for others, we have collectively, as a province, reduced our road deaths by 29%.

“Over this past festive season alone road deaths have gone down by 8% from the same period a year earlier (from 257 to 236). We will continue to work hard and employ innovative measures and actions, keeping us on track to reaching our collective goal of halving road deaths by the end of 2014.”

The selection process required that potential winners' vehicles must be roadworthy, be registered in the Western Cape and have a valid driving licence. The owner must be a citizen of South Africa with a confirmed residential address in the Cape.
Read the terms and conditions here!

Do you think this is a good way to curb accidents and road deaths in the Western Cape? Could the funds have been better spent elsewhere? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts or use or Readers' Comments below. How many km's a month, for instance, does a retired librarian in Rondebosch drive?

  • Terence Allan Webber - 2013-03-07 07:04

    Seems as if the author of this article is jealous. Very professional. Ja well...

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