F1 reacts to Schumi out of coma

2014-06-17 07:48

PARIS, France - On Monday (June 16 2014), Wheels24 reported that Michael Schumacher is out of his coma and has left the French hospital where he has been since December 2013.

Schumacher, it has emerged, has been taken to a hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, for further rehabilitation.

News of Schumacher's alleged recover was met with mixed reactions.


Overwhelmingly, the response was positive, with figures such as Ferrari's Fernando Alonso tweeting:"So happy this is going in the good direction"

Niki Lauda told German television RTL: "I'm extremely happy. I always believed this news would come. Now I wish he gets through the rehab as quickly as possible and is back with us in F1."

Not everyone is as convinced.


Former F1 doctor Gary Hartstein said the announcement that Schumacher is no longer a coma is "not news", as his manager Sabine Kehm said he was showing signs of consciousness and awakening many weeks ago.

Hartstein said: "I cannot help but think that this is a highly cynical use of language, using the truth to convey an impression that is almost certainly false.

Hartstein said the June 16 media statement is telling the world "what we already know, and (we are) pretty much told to not ever expect further updates".

German daily Bild reported: "This means he is just over 30km from his home. As with any patient, we want to respect medical confidentiality."

The newspaper claimed Schumacher's periods of awakening have been getting longer and longer since the last official statement in early April 2014.


Bild said: "Michael Schumacher can hear voices and respond to touch. His eyes are open. He can communicate with his environment, especially his wife Corinna and his children. Schumacher's condition is now considered stable enough that he no longer needs the help of the specialists in Grenoble."

Hartstein, however, said he believes it is likely Schumacher is either only "minimally conscious" or in a "vegetative state", with only "fluctuating signs of interaction with the environment".

"This all leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.  And a huge space of sadness for Michael's family, and for you, his fans," Hartstein said.

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