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F1's new engines 'sound like lawnmowers'

2014-05-14 13:06

Wolfi Hlasek

FUEL-SAVING FARCE: Wheels24 reader Wolfi Hlasek claims that teams use many litres of fuel simply arriving at a GP due to heavy trucks loaded with cars and equipment. Image: AFP/Luca Bruno

In May 2014, Wheels24 reader Fanie Gerber shared his views on what he calls a "boring" 2014 Formula 1 season.

Gerber said: "It's boring, the engines sound like very good tractor engines and the only thing that can be called exciting is the constant talking of the presenters.

Wheels24 reader, Wolfi Hlasek, responded:

I absolutely agree with Fanie Gerber's statements; F1 is a disgrace.

The engines sound like lawnmowers, the cars are downright ugly and move around corners like karts, the rules are idiotic - testing ban, tyre longevity, fuel-flow and quantity, engine rev limits...

Soon the drivers’ farting time will also be regulated. Where else than in F1 do you see a ban on testing? Athletes may not practice? Now that a Sauber has been flipped because of a low nose, will we see pig noses in future?


The International Automobile Federation has implemented this bull**t (ban on testing) why can’t it change the rules when all but Mercedes is very unhappy with them?

In 2013 Red Bull lobbied, b*tched moaned and until tyres were changed to suit its cars, to the detriment of Ferrari and Lotus.

The FIA's rules are knee-jerk reflexes. Did you know some teams arrive at races with nine huge trucks for all the equipment - using up to 50-litres/100km? These races are supposed to be environmentally friendly? Who is bullsh**ting who?

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