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2014-06-27 14:01

JAG’S CONTROVERSIAL AD: Jaguar’s been told ''not to portray speed as the focus of an ad” in its future campaigns by the British Advertising Standards Authority. Image: YOUTUBE:

LONDON, England - In December 2013 Wheels24 reported on a cheeky ad showing a Jaguar devouring a chicken in a parody of Mercedes' Magic Body Control clip showed in September that year.

Now (June 2014) it seems Jaguar’s latest ad campaign might be too controversial, at least according to the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which banned four of the automaker's new promos featuring its new F-Type.

VIDEO: The Jag ad the UK banned

The adverts show Jaguar’s F-Type driving in Switzerland on closed sections of road on the Susten and Grimsel mountain passes. Jaguar claims it had “mistakenly” omitted a caption within the ads to specify that the roads featured were closed during filming and that “no other road users or bystanders were present.”


It said the emphases of the ads were the technical features and abilities of its F-Type, the coupe variant which arrived in South Africa earlier in June 2014 and that at no time did its drivers exhibit dangerous driving.

The ASA, however, received a complaint that the adverts were irresponsible because they ''glorified speed and encouraged dangerous driving''.

It noted that the cars were driving on what appeared to be public roads in a manner that would be ''irresponsible and illegal''. The ASA pointed to scenes in the ads that showed “crossing over single white lines in the middle of the road”.

The ASA said: “We considered that the overall impression of the ads was a focus on the speed and acceleration of the cars. We understood that Jaguar said the cars were being driven at reasonable and controlled speeds.

“We considered that the cars appeared to be driving at high speeds and the acceleration of the cars was further emphasised by the sound of engines being revved, high tempo music and the use of blurred lines following the cars.”


The ASA ruled that the ads should not appear again in their current form and warned Jaguar ''not to portray speed as the focus of an ad in future... and not to portray driving behaviour that might encourage road users to drive irresponsibly in future''.

Jaguar said it had since added a caption which states: "Filmed on closed roads with a professional driver. Do not attempt. Always obey local speed limits."
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