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Tesla cashes in on RS badge

2009-01-13 07:59
Taking its marketing cue from Porsche with its cyn

Taking its marketing cue from Porsche with its cynically executed and overpriced RS range, you can now pay $28 000 over a standard Tesla Roadster for the Sport. Plenty money for new tyres and some fancy wiring.

Tesla is taking orders for its Roadster Sport; and the RS acronym is not undeserved.

A new hand-wound stator and increased winding density for the motor has yielded lower resistance and higher peak torque. The net result is a 0.2 second reduction 0-100km/h sprint times over the standard car - like wow.

Handling dynamics on the Roadster Sport benefit from ultra high performance Yokohama tyres (probably Advan A048s considering the Tesla’s Lotus underpinnings) kept in place with new adjustable damper suspension featuring anti-roll bars.

Tesla has delivered more than 150 Roadsters to customers, and about 1 100 people are on the waiting list for the Lotus Elise based electric vehicle.

Customers who haven’t taken delivery of their Roadsters yet may upgrade to the Roadster Sport ($128 500); though it seems impossible to justify the $28 000 premium for a negligible performance increase, some fancy tyres and new shocks.

Deliveries of the first Roadster Sport models are set for June in both North American and Europe.


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