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Mugen's high performance hybrid

2009-02-10 07:17
This is Mugen’s interpretation of what hybrid perf

This is Mugen’s interpretation of what hybrid performance motoring could represent. The bodykit is functional beyond the aesthetic too, reducing lift on Honda’s Insight to zero according to Mugen…

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Honda
Engine 1.3l petrol, electric
Power 64kW (10kW electric)
Torque 123Nm (103Nm electric)
Honda’s long term aftermarket performance partner, Mugen, has added serious streetcred to the Insight hybrid.

Cynics might dismiss the Mugen Zero-Lift kit for Honda’s Insight as simply a range of aesthetic embellishments to distinguish the car from looking like a Prius clone. IN reality though, the new front and rear spoilers, aft diffuser and side skirts manage airflow around the Insight to render a zero-lift state of affairs – or so Mugen claims.

With the range of XJ or NR eight-spoke wheel options in 15- or 16-inches it looks the business too, especially since most hybrids roll on dreary looking wheel and tyre combinations. A performance suspension system, with new dampers and springs, lowers ride height by 20mm.

There’s even a Mugen triangular-tipped performance exhaust, though why you’d want an ornate sport silencer exhaust system on a hybrid vehicle is open to interpretation and judgement. If people poke fun at the irony of your Type-R dressed up Insight hybrid, you can always show them the performance oil-filter, or extol the dynamic verve those high performance lubricants add…

Currently the Mugen Insight is only set for deployment in its domestic market.

Check out the triangular exhaust tip and huge rear spoiler. Fussy mags too - and all this on a hybrid?


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