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Merc plugs into A-Class EV

2010-09-16 14:28
Mercedes-Benz has announced its second volume electric car, the petite A-Class E-Cell with a range of 200km, has gone into production.

Based on the current A-Class, the E-Cell uses two lithium-ion batteries generating 71kW and 290Nm. Top speed is limited to 150km/h.

The presence of the E-Cell’s two lithium-ion batteries have not interfered with the A-Class’s load-carrying abilities, though, and the luggage compartment remains unchanged at 435 to 1 370l.

The lithium-ion batteries are said to be more efficient than nickel-metal-hydride batteries with better power density. They also have a high charging efficiency and a long service life.

Batteries can be charged at public charging points or via a regular household power supply with times recharge times varying from three to eight hours.

A-Class E-Cell features include a charging management system for convenient billing and pre-start climate control that allows the driver to set the cabin temperature while the car’s batteries are being charged. The driver is able to follow the charging process via the web.

A production run of 500 emissions-free vehicles is planned and cars will be leased to selected customers in Europe.


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