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Meet Chev's electric car

2008-09-09 13:10
Frank Weber, global vehicle line executive for the

Frank Weber, global vehicle line executive for the E-Flex Drive and the Chevy Volt, inadvertently became a whole lot more famous this week as GM images of him and the Volt leaked onto the net.

A week before Bob Lutz was due to unveil GM’s electric car saviour, images of the Volt have leaked.

Whether or not it was an accidental ‘teaser’ leak or a genuine breach of GM policy is open to interpretation. What is visible in the images is a toned down Volt from the concept car which captured imaginations when unveiled last year.

Obviously a production version was never going to encapsulate the aggressive styling cues - especially the strong bumper and nose design – of the concept car. The Volt now represents a more traditional wedge shaped four-door, mid-sized sedan with the current oversized Chevrolet grille well in place.

Powertrain details revolve around a petrol electric hybrid set-up which produces 117kW in purely electric form, with auxiliary range enabled by a 1-litre, petrol engine.

Range on purely electric propulsion is a scant 64km. Rumour has it European bound Volts may feature Opel badging and diesel-electric power instead of the petrol-electric hybrid set-up.

With GM sinking deeper into financial malaise everyday the Volt cannot come to market quickly enough, but GM insiders doubt lithium ion battery issues will be resolved before 2011, a year after the Volt’s planned 2010 introduction.


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