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Hybrid Porsche Panamera

2008-01-08 07:21
Porsche's first sedan touches down in South Africa in 2010 and, when it arrives, it could very well be stocked with hybrid power.

The Zuffenhausen-based manufacturer has released the first details of the hybrid drivetrain that, using knowledge attained in the development of the Cayenne Hybrid, will be slotted into the four-door model.

According to the manufacturer, the sedan will be the first four-door sportscar to feature the new fuel-efficient full parallel hybrid technology.

The system consists of a battery unit housed in the luggage compartment, and the power electronics and hybrid module lodged between the engine and transmission comprising an additional clutch and the electric motor.

With either the engine or hybrid module being able to disengage or combine to form one power unit, Panamera can be driven as an all-electric model or as an all-out sports car.

It offers fuel consumption that is claimed to be less than 9l/100 km.

Porsche further claims that while this model will include familiar features like a wide and low body and muscular design similar to that of its siblings, Panamera will also excel in its levels of occupant comfort.

The four-seater will have enough leg- and head-room within its luxurious cabin for its rearmost passengers to travel in comfort.

When Panamera makes its global debut next year, it will be shown with a range of proven petrol powertrains. The hybrid version will follow later, and distribution will depend on specific market requirements.


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