PTA-Durban (and back) on one tank?

2012-06-26 15:00

Cape Town - How far could you drive on a single tank of fuel? Jaguar will attempt an economy run in South Africa in order to highlight the efficiency of its XF range.

The British automaker will perform a 1 242km return trip from the Union Buildings in Pretoria to the Durban Beachfront on a single tank of diesel.

Seasoned economy run expert Roger Rouessart will be driving a XF 2.2 diesel under the watchful eye of Motorsport SA’s Richard Carstens.


Part of the challenge will require drivers to pass through the N3’s multiple toll gates.

David Barns, Jaguar brand manager and organiser of the attempt, said: “This will be a real test for the Jaguar XF and the drivers in that it is a realistic trip.

“We’ll be making it even more relevant by running a second XF with an ‘ordinary’ driver behind the wheel to see just how much of a difference driving technique can make.”

The “ordinary driver” behind the wheel of the second XF will be Ignition TV presenter Marius Roberts. The motoring channel will document the two Jaguars’ efforts and  broadcast the event in July 2012.

Jaguar’s XF 2.2 diesel engine is capable of 140kW and 450Nm which enables the sedan to rocket from 0-100km/h in 8.5-seconds with a top speed of 225km/h. The vehicle has a claimed fuel consumption of 5-litres/100km which should theoretically allow a cruising range of 1 280km

The team will depart the Union Buildings on Sunday 1 July at 09:00, stopping at the Caltex garage in Harrismith, before arriving in Durban for an overnight rest and the return trip on Monday 2 July.

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  • Dinwiddie - 2012-06-26 14:07

    What's the tank size of the car?

      chrono.man.7 - 2012-06-26 14:12

      If you calculate using the figures provided its tank is 64 liters.

      fussed.anderson - 2012-06-26 14:39

      Does the jag still have two fuel tanks???????

      kevin.grinaker - 2012-06-26 22:34

      Why the thumbs down at this comment? The jags of the late 60's and 70's had two fuel tanks, especially the XJ6's.

  • blignault.michaele - 2012-06-26 14:13

    Wow, amazing,my car can drive from JHB to Cape Town [forgot the new name] on one tank but I will not tell you the size of the tank!!!!!!!

      peter.ndamase - 2012-06-26 14:31

      it's kuip town!!!

  • MonTage69 - 2012-06-26 14:18

    I trust that "stopping at the Caltex garage in Harrismith" is just to stretch the legs

      alan.gernet - 2012-06-26 14:22

      and to have a Bee Pee (BP)

  • chrono.man.7 - 2012-06-26 14:18

    This is quite a lame challenge but Jag will get a lot of positive attention from it, no doubt. In the 1970s a pair of SA motoring journalists drove a Renault 5 (1.4 liters?) from Joburg to Cape Town using one tank of petrol only. The tank was probably 45 liters or less. Last year I drove to Amanzimtoti in my Accord 2.0 liter petrol and got more than 1000kms out of the first tank which I filled only on the way back. The car was packed for holiday, the aircon was on and I travelled according to the speed limit. Tank size = 65 liters.

  • williamgeorge.lorentz - 2012-06-26 14:20

    I have done that same trip... Sunninghill to Umhlanga return and my consumptions were: Down: 3.8 l/100 Back: 4.7 l/100 With an average of 4.4/ 100 BMW 320d 2006 Model. Driving speed down was average of 95km/h Back was average of 98km/h My best down to Durban (but no return journey was done) was 3.2 l/100 but wind was pumping in my direction. There was a little free wheeling and hanging in behind trucks to break the wind.. Not that I am a nutta when it comes to this type of thing it was awesome to get to DBN and my tank was sitting on over 3/4!!

      kevin.grinaker - 2012-06-26 22:37

      Beats trying to see if you can be a hero and boast about getting there the quickest. Great to see this sort of challenge rather.

      chrono.man.7 - 2012-06-27 09:49

      I'm sure you would have been able to do what Volvo wants to achieve even if you stuck to the speed limit, given the economy of the diesel engine.

  • williamgeorge.lorentz - 2012-06-26 14:20

    Oh... Aircon and headlights were on! - Makes a difference!

  • peter.ndamase - 2012-06-26 14:26

    It is impossible to do 5-litres/100km with such a big car. The test was done earlier this year in the states and they averaged 9L/100km.

      erik.p.vanwyk - 2012-06-26 15:18

      It should be less than 9L/100km.My dad gets an urban average of 7.8L/100km with his 530d which is quite a heavier car and bigger engine.I think this car will do well in terms of consumption.

  • allanspictures - 2012-06-26 14:33

    I would give it a try in my 2010 2.0Tdi Kombi. 75 litre tank gets me over 1000km before the fuel light comes on, so essentially I am only using 65 litres and that includes town and freeway driving with tourists on board.

  • singh.shalin - 2012-06-26 14:47

    Title is wrong, it's actually PTA-Durban and back :P

      alex.degroot.370 - 2012-06-27 08:02

      HUH? Unless they changed the title it still reads: "PTA-Durban (and back) on one tank?" Cape Town in the first line is the city where the press release originates from.

  • Dvdwalt - 2012-06-26 14:58

    The tank must take at least 65Lt for them to have a chance. For the Jag to average 5l/100km is impressive in itself, but is that at sea level? Have they considered increased consumption on the way back? My VW Polo 1.4 TDI has a 55L tank. It does the trip to Durbs at 4.2l/100km and the trip back to Pretoria is 4.8l/100km. I still have to refill my 55l tank in Heidelberg. If I was to keep to 100km/h and freewheel where possible I might make it but then it would be only by a whisker.

      chrono.man.7 - 2012-06-27 09:54

      Interesting that you mention free-wheeling. With the Accord free-wheeling leads to a significantly higher fuel consumption that just taking your foot of the pedal. The car is designed to "free" when you do that but then uses close to zero fuel.

  • Nyiko Ngobeni - 2012-06-26 15:01

    How big is the diesel tank on this car. For a mid size engine I dont see what the fuss is here. I do 15km per litre in my 730d on the freeway which is about 6 litre per 100km, so a 2.2 litre engine should do less than 6 litre per 100km My tank does 1500km. Unless I miss something this is a publicity stunt.

  • Nyiko Ngobeni - 2012-06-26 15:05

    And that's despite me driving freely up to 180 - 200km per hour..

      fredster.mania.5 - 2012-06-26 15:20

      Yeah, in your dreams...

  • bart.mitchell.393 - 2012-06-26 17:05

    tank is 82 litres,so nothing too special

  • jason.x.judge - 2012-06-27 08:07

    i've don JHB-DBN and back on one tank: in a 520d (f10) - 65l tank. didn't even really try that hard. so doing an extra 100km and driving at the most economical speed should make it easy. so, not really that impressive Jag. sorry.

  • kozikan - 2012-06-27 10:06

    been done by jeremy clarkson on topgear.... france to blackpool!!!!! 750 + miles.... try something new!!!!

      Wesley - 2012-06-27 12:37

      i remember that episode. and its old now! he beat the Subaru Forester and the BlueLine Polo

  • shamier.chandley - 2012-06-27 12:08

    Marius Roberts...better watch out he might punt random BMW's out of the way...

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