'Blue tune' shaves emissions?

2011-10-18 06:41

You’d like to do your part for the environment but are reluctant to give up your petrol-hungry daily drive? A tuning service called Blue Optimize may be the answer…

Viezu Technologies, responsible for Blue Optimize, promises “guaranteed” CO2 emissions cuts of “up to 20 percent” and “significant” improvement in fuel consumption - the latter might also give you a push. And it promises all these without a loss in power following the remapping.


Viezu hopes its Blue Optimize will appeal to owners of older vehicles who would like to do their part for the environment and reduce their car's CO2 output without the expense of a new vehicle. And yes, there are a couple of places in South Africa where you can have the conversion done.

ALL GAIN, NO PAIN?: Viezu claims its individual approach to engine remapping can slash CO2 emissions by as much as 60%.

Paul Busby, managing director of Viezu Technologies in the UK explains: “Blue Optimize is the result of extensive research and development, giving drivers unrivalled reductions in their car's CO2 emissions without any drop-off in performance.

“The service is perfect for drivers of older vehicles who would like to benefit from the cleaner technology found in many newer cars. It’s also ideal for the large number of people who like to drive large or powerful cars such as SUV's but have concerns for the environment - or their fuel bills.

"Now they can maintain their power and road presence but slash the CO2 in their exhaust to that of a standard family hatchback.”

According to Viezu, each vehicle using Blue Optimize is treated individually with an extensive diagnostic check to identify potential weaknesses in the engine and to take account of  any breaks in service history. The retuning, the company says, will also increase the engine’s responsiveness by upping the power and torque outputs and ensure steadier power delivery.

Blue Optimize is available for petrol and diesel vehicles. 

Find out where you can go for the car treatment in South Africa.

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