Emgrand bolts into EV market

2013-06-11 08:24

Geely has revealed an all-electric vehicle based on the Emgrand EC7, a car range recently launched in South Africa.

The car will be developed in conjunction with American company Detroit Electric which has partnered with Geely to develop electric vehicles and power trains.


A spokesman for Emgrand said: "Our partnership with such a leading electric vehicle technology provider will enable us to enhance and accelerate our own expertise and knowledge in this area. The EC7-EV will enable us to provide a wider vehicle choice to our customers.

"It also reiterates our commitment to providing alternative energy vehicles to the market in China.”

The EC7-EV will have an electric motor, a twin-speed gearbox and an advanced battery pack with two options – medium range (up to 165km) to long range (up to 260km). The car will accelerate from 0-100km/h in eight seconds and be able to reach 200km/h - though why is not explained.

It is scheduled to go on sale in China in the first quarter of 2014 and Geely says it plans to sell about 3000 in the first year, growing to perhaps 30 000 after three years.


Albert Lam, chairman and group CEO of Detroit Electric, said: "Detroit Electric will jointly develop the EC7-EV, covering all aspects of the power train and chassis, safety, vehicle dynamics, system integration and other items.

"We've been working alongside Geely for some time to optimise the EV drive technologies for integration into the vehicles and this partnership will now fast-track both Geely and Detroit Electric to realising the great EV market potential in the Chinese market.”

Geely SA says there aren't any plans to import the electric model. The company wants to focus on growing the brand and its products for the time being.