Dying mom's wish 'a school run'

2013-02-21 09:06

LONDON, England – If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness what would your dying wish be? Skydiving? Selling everything you own and buying your dream ride? Track down your high-school crush?

A terminally ill mother of two in England has decided to pursue seemingly mundane yet noble endeavour as part of her dying wish -  learning to drive so that she can drop her son at school.


According to the London Daily Mail, Lucy Johns (30) has to stay in hospital for weeks at a time since being diagnosed with breast, bone and liver cancer.

Despite her draining chemotherapy she still found the time to pass her driving test so that she can drop her son Stanley (six) at school for the first time.

Even though she was involved in an accident the day before her driving test, she managed to pass first time and drove Stanley to the St Paul's Roman Catholic Primary School in Plymouth, Devon in February 2013.

She said: “All of a sudden I was in hospital for four weeks at a time and Stanley couldn't understand why he was being passed around friends and relatives.

"I would wave him off at the door then have no idea exactly who was looking after him at school. As a mother that's really tough. That was the main reason I decided to drive but also to do the simple things like driving to the park just so I can watch my kids play."

Local driving instructors gave her 45 hours of free driving lessons after she spoke of her desire to pass her test. She was so desperate to pass that would have four-hour lessons.

The day before her test though another driver crashed into the back of her learner car.

Johns said: “I was so nervous for my test I did not think I would pass. I am so excited now. I wanted to get this so much.”

Johns said: “It was awful. It's easy to take these moments for granted but they have become absolutely precious for me. My cancer is incurable and I am classed as terminally ill but I am having treatment so I can live and be a mum for as long as possible.”