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'Dumbo' criminal hitches cop ride

2013-10-21 08:57

WORLD'S DUMBEST? A man in New Zealand tried to hitch a ride from police while in the possesion of drugs and gave them the 'finger'. Image: SAPAPICS


Cop guns down hijacker

2013-10-16 10:34

A rider's nightmare - a thief hijacks a motorcyclist at gunpoint and attempts to make off with his bike. Fortunately, a nearby cop defuses the situation - by shooting the hijacker. Watch the video!

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Police in a small rural town here have described an incident in which a man tried to hitch a ride home in a police car as "a bit like "Dumb and Dumber", The Press newspaper reported.

Senior Sergeant Malcolm Johnston said police in the South Island township of Rangiora at first drove past the man as he whistled and tried to hail a ride late on Friday nightbut stopped when he walked into the road and held up his middle finger.


The officers approached the man, smelt cannabis and found he had a small amount of the drug - but they also discovered he was wanted for the equivalent of R23 300 in unpaid fines.

Johnston said "The moral of the story is that if you haven't paid your fines and you're walking around carrying drugs, don't hail a police car like a taxi ... and don't give them the finger."
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