Driving a Ferrari? Child's play!

2013-04-11 09:32

MUMBAI, India - Let’s face it, as a petrolhead kid nothing is more appealing than imagining yourself behind the wheel of your ‘ol man's car or one of those luxury rides you see in ads between cartoons.

As you get older you realise how ludicrous it would be to let a child behind the wheel of a car without proper training or maturity.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows two youngsters in India riding around in a V8 Ferrari F430. It’s enough to make any parent cringe...


In the video junior is pulling on the steering to a) see over the facia and b) reach the pedals.

To be fair he isn’t bad behind the wheel, even stopping to chat to bystanders after a spirited drive.

Fortunately nobody was hurt and the street appears to be deserted (except for other children). Still, the level of irresponsibility demonstrated by the parents is baffling. What if he crashed? What if the car was destroyed?

YouTube commenter Shine Thankappan said: "Handing over the car key to a 10-year-old shows how stupid and immature the parents are. All kids in the world are capable of learning driving by the age of 10. No country in the world give licences at that age. There is a reason for that.

"The kids are not matured at that age to handle a killing machine like a car. This video does not show the heroism of the kids. It only shows how stupid both the parents are."

Arun Seshan, disagreed: “All those claiming irresponsibility are mere jealous narrow-minded idiots. Some kids are gifted with talent. It’s the parent's responsibility to nurture it. All I could complain was that the kid was not wearing his seat belt. Otherwise big thumbs up.”

Watch the video here!

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  • riotousr - 2013-04-11 12:00

    I told you that I am not visiting India any time soon.

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