Dozy driver in 'dozergeddon

2012-09-04 14:11

Moscow, Russia - Drink driving is bad enough but doing it in a digger, in a car park, surrounded by cars that are others' pride and joy is plain stupid. After all, the cars' owners, at least in this case, are looking on from the windows of their high-rise flats in a Russian city and they are NOT happy.

This dozy Russian 'dozer driver found that out as he got limp-wristed on the steering gear and trundled into a dozen or more parked cars as he lurched his machine from side to side.


He tried to turn around but instead hit a truck, stopped, and gave an opening to the car owners to explain politely that he wasn't driving in that weekend's Belgian F1 GP.

They clambered up and on to the digger, which apparently had a flat tyre, opened the cab door and, well, helped the dozer driver down to the ground.

The incident was captured on video from the window of an overlooking building and posted on YouTube