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Documentary: Pretoria - Carjack City

2014-05-16 09:36

CAN ANYTHING BE DONE? A hijacking caught on camera in South Africa. These thugs show no mercy to the occupants as they make off with a car. Image: Youtube

PRETORIA - At least 30 vehicles are hijacked each day in South Africa. As a result more and more are fitted with satellite trackers.

VIDEO: Pretoria - Carjack City

Reporter Marcel Theroux and film director James Brabazon documented armed security guards in Pretoria in a documentary titled 'Unreported World - Carjack City'. The video is 23mins long but well worth it.

They recorded a patrol with armed response guard Andries Hlongwane who works for a security company and observe as he chased down gunmen and recovered stolen cars.


It's dangerous work in the security industry which accounts for seven percent of all jobs in South Africa, Brabazon reports as the documentary starts with security guards in pursuit of a hijacked vehicle. Hlongwane and his partner find it abandoned but while waiting for police hear the cries of a woman being robbed across the street.

Hlongwane races to help her and chases off the robbers.

A few minutes later a passing driver warns the team he's driven past a gang of armed hijackers at a junction less than 100m away. The police arrive and chaos erupts as shots are fired.

Carjack City shows the sad reality of SA's hijacking horror:

It's alarming that, despite being close to the Union Buildings in Pretoria, the hijackers have no compunction about firing automatic weapons.

According to the documentary, the lack of police protection in many areas is the primary reason for the influx of guards in SA - about 400 000.

Hlongwane has a family and risks his life for R22 an hour.

The film crew interviewed hijackers who claimed they stole vehicles for export to African countries. The thugs told Theroux they were armed with guns, baseball bats and knives, and if anyone tried to stop them they often disable them with two shots to the stomach.

Visible policing, enforcing existing laws, state subsidised trackers... What do you think should be done to curb hijacking in South Africa? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24.
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