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Doctor: Schumi like any other patient'

2014-06-18 09:10

SCHUMI’S OUT OF A COMA: Media agencies camp outside of the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland where injured former F1 driver Michael Schumacher (inset) is being treated. Image: AP/Keystone/Salvatore Di Nolfi

GENEVA, Switzerland - Michael Schumacher is receiving neurological treatment and rehabilitation at the Lausanne University Hospital (*CHUV) like any other patient, his doctor Richard Frackowiak said on Tuesday (June 18 2014).

Treating the injured ex-Formula 1 driver is "business as usual," Frackowiak, the chief neuroscientist at the hospital, told Swiss news agency SDA.

The only unusual aspect in treating the high-profile patient was working around security arrangements. Frackowiak declined to talk about Schumacher's condition.


Schumacher hit his head on a rock and sustained severe brain injuries while skiing in France on December 29 2013. He underwent operations and was placed in a medically induced coma from which doctors at Grenoble University Hospital began waking him slowly in late January 2014.

Neuro-science is one of CHUV's priority areas and it is the only Swiss hospital which follows an approach of close co-operation with neurologists, neuro-surgeons, neuro-psychologists and rehabilitation specialists, Frackowiak added.

Schumacher arrived on Monday (June 16 2014) in Lausanne, about a half-hour from his family home in the town of Gland.

Various broadcast teams and photographers are camped in front of the university clinic. A French photographer told DPA: "One photo of Schumi with open eyes, maybe even a smile - I'd wait weeks for that,"

*In French: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois     


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