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Do you pay e-tolls? More than 15 000 say 'it's a scam'

2015-09-18 08:10

CHALLENGE TO SANRAL: Outa spokesperson John Clarke has called on Sanral to charge him for not paying his e-toll bills. Image: YouTube

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Cape Town - The Opposition To Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa) continues to campaign against e-tolling in Gauteng with the release of a provocative video on YouTube.

On Wednesday (September 16), Outa spokesperson John Clarke called on the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) to charge him for not paying his e-toll bills.

Outa's challenge is certainly bold but do users feel the same? We find out how many users regularly pay e-toll bills.

Some users are not only in favour of e-tolling but are against Outa's campaign.

Poll results

We asked users whether they pay their e-toll bills and a News24 poll garnered more than 23800 responses.

Poll results: 15 222

  • Yes, I always pay - 3128 votes
  • Occasionally, if I have cash to spare - 603
  • No, it's a scam - 15 388 
  • I'm not affected by e-tolls - 6103 

Unsurprisingly, thousands of users (15 388) believed e-tolls to be a scam while 603 admitted they occasionally paid outstanding fees.

Only 3128 respondents stated they "always pay" outstanding e-toll bills.

Watch the video here:

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Users respond

Wheels24 received many emails from users regarding e-tolls. The majority of readers were against paying while some believe that paying is the right thing to do. Some users were concerned by outstanding bills.

Users in favour of e-tolls:

Maria de Sousa: I will never pay e-tolls. we pay car licence, we pay petrol levies – all these should be going to do repairs and maintain roads.I have already paid so e-tolls is a double taxation which is illegal.

Also I have just received a fine with my vehicle registration saying that I went over speed limit in Potchefstroom. I have never been near the area. My vehicle is red; the picture of the car on the fine is white. My car is a Toyota Auris, picture shows a different make of car.  Number plate is the same – so how many cars are out there using illegal number plates that belong to someone else's car and we are being nailed for e-tolls, fines etc. This country is  a joke.

Jeff said: John Clarke and his rabble-rousing organisation are assisting in creating a lawless society. They just don't get it.

We should all be paying for the awesome freeway network that links greater Gauteng. Their short sighted outlook will ultimately lead to the decay of our freeways, the lack of future development and hence job creation. They should be charged with economic sabotage. Not elevated to a position of supreme authority.

Peter Cable: Yes, I pay e-toll for three vehicles in our family because it's the right thing to obey the law. Without rule of law you will have anarchy.

Mesh said: I do pay e-toll because I'm not an idiot who wants good things for nothing. I can see what am paying for as e-toll roads are tops.

Khoisan123: Dear Outa, I'm one of the E-toll 'conscientious objectors' but also worried as my Etoll bills keep piling up. What plans are there to protect us ordinary mortals against the mighty arm of the state?

Izette Visser said: I paid at first but stopped paying as their statements are incorrect and I am against e-tolling. I live in KZN and do not visit Johannesburg and Pretoria that often but received a huge e-toll account. I queried it but up to date never received an answer. Etolls should be scrapped.

Mosesn said: I don't pay e-toll I travel only on weekends to Johannesburg why must I pay.

Those against e-tolls 

Ryan Kennedy said: Let's all walk with John and end this crap

Karl Müller said: No and never will to an corrupt crooked government.

Carole Corney: I am just not paying e-tolls! End of story.

Leonardus van Niel: Ever since e-tolls started, I have only received one/(1)/uno e-toll bill ever. Ever since e-tolls started, we have been getting somebody else's e-toll bills and traffic fines and license renewals? My grandmother has stop driving her own car since the early 2000, thus the car was sold. She also passed away in 2012/2013 (before e-tolling started).

Guess who is getting e-toll bills? To be honest, I do not know anybody close to me, friends/family/colleagues, that have an e-tag or have paid an e-toll bill.

Francois Davel:

Ntoakak: Let's fight Sanral by not paying a cent,by the way who is actually benefiting from these scheme?

B.Ghisleni: I have four car's and a motorcycle, and I don't pay e toll. Furthermore,  our company refuses to pay.

Hein du Preez: Pay e-tolls? No, I did not ask for it!

Peter Tshoga: I don't pay. I will never pay it.

Celeste da silva:

Joe Rossouw said: I have never and will never pay e-tolls. The sucker who is paying is not law abiding, they are plain stupid. It's like the TV licence ad, "It's the right thing to do." No its not the right thing to do, it's the stupid thing to do!

Colleen Odendaal: The e-toll company takes photos of our trailers which are hired out. Instead of sending the towing vehicle which is in some cases noticeable, we the owners of the trailers are being fined. By law a trailer is not a self-motored vehicle and may not be charged. I have lots of fines and i'm not going to supply customer details at my cost for Sanral.

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