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Deaf driver runs down female zombie

2014-07-28 08:51

NEARLY DEADLY SERIOUS: A procession of people dressed as the living dead on the Zombie Walk at the 2014 Comic-Con. Image: AFP / TJ KirkPatrick


A group of young Russians are taking traffic enforcement into their own hands by stopping bad drivers. There vigilante antics sometimes leads to violence as a video reveals...

SAN DIEGO, California - A deaf man hit and seriously injured a woman while trying to get a car carrying his deaf wife and deaf children through the annual 'Zombie Walk' held here during Comic-Con - the annual San Diego multigenre entertainment festival.

Police said the 48-year-old and his family had waited for several minutes at a city road junction on Saturday (July 26) as the large crowd, some in zombie makeup, went by at around 5.30pm but when the driver's small children in the car became frightened he rolled slowly forward to get through.


Some in the crowd became angry, surrounded the car, pounded on it, climbed on it and smashed the windscreen. The driver accelerated to flee and a 64-year-old woman fell under the car.

"Her arm was badly scraped. It's going to need surgery," the police spokesperson said.

Some witnesses chased the car for several blocks until the driver spotted a police officer and stopped.

The driver was not arrested but the investigation was continuing.

A witness, Sean Foley, said he thought the driver was at fault. He said that after waiting about 10 minutes the driver started to blow his horn and move forwards into a crowd that included children and babies in prams.

Wheels24 reader Moggie Mogs commented: "Well, there's no 'bones' about it, the driver made a 'grave' error - This is what you get for driving through the 'Dead centre' of town. The organisers were obviously making a 'killing', whilst fielding a 'skeleton crew' of Zombies."

Thanks Moggie for that brilliant pun-filled comment. Can anyone best his comment?
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