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Danger! Child sneaks ride on truck in SA

2015-04-13 13:28

CHILD IN DANGER: A screengrab shows a young boy holding onto the back of a truck. Image: YouTube


The government is discussing a proposal that would enable metro police to stop drivers and 'retest their driving'. Justice Project SA describes this as 'nonsensical and horrifying'.

CAPE TOWN - A video uploaded to YouTube revealed a shocking scene on South Africa's roads - a young boy hanging onto the back of a truck travelling at high speed.

The video, filmed by a fellow road user, shows a boy clinging onto the rear of a truck. The uploader revealed the speed of the car he was travelling in to be nearly 100km/h as he passed the truck.

The boy appeared to be smiling throughout. In the clip you can spot the truck's CA licence plate.


Arrive Alive editor, Johan Jonck, shares his thoughts on the video: "This video shows the continued recklessness amongst road users in South Africa. We have seen this kind of behaviour on several occasions on SA's roads (see image of pedestrian clinging onto truck in Cape Town below)

"Just this past weekend (April 10 to 12), three fatalities were recorded in the Western Cape, two of whom were pedestrians and another killed during a fall from a vehicle."

VIDEO: Boy spotted hanging onto speeding truck
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W24: "Why would a child resort to a such a dangerous act? Is the scholar-transport system to blame?"

Jonck: "This appears to be more of an example of adrenaline and 'showing off' than due to a lack of effective scholar transport. Earlier in April, a fatality was reported of someone falling from the roof of a train, which could've been due to a similar reason as the child holding onto the back of the truck.

RECKLESS ATTITUDE: Picture here is a road user hitching a ride on the back of truck in Cape Town. Image: Arrive Alive


Jonck adds: "It's not the inability to afford transport but rather a reckless attitude. This is also a good example of the so called 'feeling of invincibility' amongst SA's youth. It's an attitude of bad things happen to others with a rationale of 'I know what I am doing'.

"The only way to travel is safely is being secured and buckled in. These road users not only endanger their lives but also others who may have to swerve out of the way to avoid colliding into them if the event they fall off."

Do you agree/disagree with Johan Jonck? Have you seen similar acts on SA's roads? Email usand publish your thoughts.

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