Cyclist, diplomat row - charges laid

2013-05-15 08:32

A video posted to YouTube showed a Pretoria cyclist being manhandled in a roadside scuffle by a diplomat's security guards. Cyclist Hein van der Merwe said a black Mercedes Benz failed to stop on Roper Street in Pretoria on May 8 2013 and proceeded to cut in front of him.

A scuffle ensued whereby one of the diplomatic aides pinned Van der Merwe to the ground and threatened him. Charges of assault and reckless driving laid by Van der Merwe are being investigated, reports police.

Watch the video.

Brigadier Phuti Setati said the envoy's driver reported charges of crimen injuria and intimidation at Brooklyn police station in Pretoria. He said police were investigating all the cases.


Van der Merwe said: "In my attempt to get the driver's attention by cycling next to the driver side door/window, repeatedly shouting and in a final attempt to get his attention, hitting down twice on his side wing mirror (which was completely undamaged), the vehicle deliberately tried to run me over by swerving into me."

A brawl ensued and in the video you can see a security guard wrestling and pinning Merwe to the ground.

Van der Merwe said: “The diplomatic police on scene told me to delete photos and videos I took of the diplomat. The police also [began] intimidating the school child who took the video.”

Setati said allegations that police officers who arrived at the scene did not assist Merwe were also being investigated. He said diplomats in South Africa were protected by private security, not by police officers.

When a diplomat was involved in an incident warranting police intervention, Setati said, statements were taken and the dockets were forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for further instruction.

Setati said: "The SA Police Service will not take any action pending the decision by the DPP, who will be in close liaison with the department of international relations and co-operation."

Watch the video!

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  • Nathi Olifant - 2013-05-15 08:48

    This diplomatic immunity is bulls, i swear. Thats why culprits in the Guptagate will escape with impunity. And oh...this story by the way belongs to News24.com or Sports24 in case the cyclist is a professional, not this site LOL.

      Gerald Umraw - 2013-05-15 09:06

      The Guptas are S.A citizens and are not diplomats hence they do not possess diplomatic immunity.

      Dewald Smit - 2013-05-15 09:36

      @Gerald You realy think they cant get it for a price?

  • Ruan Viljoen - 2013-05-15 09:38

    Bliksem vir ALMAL!

  • Kay Carakas - 2013-05-15 09:43

    The diplomat should be expelled with his driver! Get out you rubbish. SA does not like you. We love our cyclists. Not high speed bullies in black cars. Shame on you! Sies

  • Jango Za - 2013-05-15 17:01

    My 9mm does not understand diplomatic immunity. It only understands self-defence during aggravated assault, post reckless driving and life endangerment. After the please for help, and requests to stop the man-handling (deemed as the warnings, minimum force to abate the situation) - still unheeded as in this case, the lead starts flying. Simple, you piece of government scum.

  • Johann Viljoen - 2013-05-16 07:37

    Good morning all my Cycling Fanatics; My goodness, I am shocked, can you believe this? If this was any other country the diplomats immunity would have been taken away. Let me have your thoughts on this subject, join the discussion on www.facebook.com/cyclefanatics. Johann

  • Colin Ashby - 2013-05-16 14:31

    i dont like the way these thugs took on the cyclist like they own the road and i also dont like cyclists the way they ride like they own the road. cant we get rid of both

      Jango Za - 2013-05-16 23:03

      government b i t c h e s first.

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