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Zuffenhausen bull gets pimped

2009-10-16 08:13

If you ever wanted a car with red wheels, the Gladiator 700 GT Biturbo from ENCO is just for you.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model Gladiator 700GT
Engine 4.8l V8 Biturbo
Power 521kW
Torque 850Nm
Zero To Hundred 4.5 sec
Top Speed 290km/h
Weight 2 450kg
It’s been 20 years since the unification of Germany, an undoubtedly poignant event in world history - very much unlike the ENCO Exklusive Cayenne.

ENCO would never have existed in a communist state. In the unified Germany though, it has been trading as an aftermarket tuning concern since 2000, located in the former East German heartland of Saxony.

From its Chemnitz base, ENCO’s technical team led by engineer Jens Engelmann has done its utmost to visit a previously unimaginable level of garishness upon the most aesthetically challenged of cars – Porsche’s Cayenne.

Colloquially German tuners refer to Cayenne as the Zuffenhausen bull, and now ENCO has gone and put it in a neat little party dress.

Vertically stacked centre-diffuser exhausts look very underwhelming.

Red and black heart attack

Unpacking the list of ENCO styling trinkets you’ll find a new carbon bonnet, side skirts, elaborately flared wheel arches and a new front apron disrupting the Cayenne’s signature ugliness.

Around the rear there’s a new roof spoiler balanced by a rear apron framed by an integrated diffuser, which curiously features centre-stacked dual exhausts.

Viewed from the side you’ll notice the liberally cut-out air-vents contaminating those new side panels too.

Ensuring the optimal level of garishness though, is the two-tone Bordeaux red and black contrast lacquer finish.

Four individual GT3 bucket racing seats - should keep your brother-in-law quiet about his four-seater X6 cabin's detailing credentials.

Four buckets inside – and they’re not to throw up in…

If you have the courage to open up one of the ENCO Cayenne’s four doors you’ll be met by a stupefyingly revamped cabin environment.

Architecturally it has gone particularly mad inside.

Witness the elaborate roll-cage (we wonder how the side and curtain airbags are going to deploy) and those individual bucket seats, which have been sourced straight from Porsche’s 911 GT3.

You’ll can’t help but wonder what the sense is of installing four GT3-sourced bucket seats into a Cayenne.

Perhaps it’s to keep fat people from qualifying as passengers, yet, in fact, if you peruse some of the ENCO Cayenne’s other running changes, it does make sense.

Well, a little sense…

Red and black cabin surfacing sure to test the resolve of those easily susceptible to car sickness. Roll-cage must grate Porsche traditionalists no end...

Ugly cars best be quick

Thanks to larger turbos, new inlet manifolds, liberally calibrated catalytic converters and a performance exhaust system power has been boosted appreciably.

The 4.8l V8 gains 153kW of power to peak at 521kW.

Rotational force benefits to the tune of 150Nm, with a maximum torque value of 850Nm now available.

ENCO’s says its fettled Cayenne will hit 100km/h from standstill in 4.5 seconds and power on to a top speed of 290km/h.

Jura alloy wheels are particularly subtle, adding a dollop of elegance and class to the ENCO Cayenne package. Or, perhaps, not...

Considering the straight-line performance potential at hand you would expect some pretty trick lateral force quelling body control pneumatics and intervention systems. Not to mention significantly upgraded brakes.

To this end, ENCO has overridden the electronic air-suspension’s control module, ushering in a 50mm median decrease in ride height.

With regards to deceleration, brakes are of a similar diameter to the stock Cayenne on the front axle (410mm), yet boast double the number of pistons per calliper (12), whilst aft the rotors are 10mm smaller (370mm).

Hiding the upgraded brake system are a set of ENCO Jura alloy wheels, 23-inches in diameter. These wheels are finished in a matching colour scheme to the car and roll Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tyres of 315/25 in size.

ENCO’s official name for this Cayenne conversion is the Gladiator 700 GT Biturbo.

We think it’s a good enough reason to build a new separating wall in Germany, this time around ENCO’s Chemnitz operation...


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