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Zagato's breathtaking Bentley GTZ

2008-03-03 08:52
Zagato, the renowned Italian design house has developed a bespoke, coachbuilt body for Bentley, itself a purveyor of aesthetic automobile excellence.

The Bentley project follows the long-standing tradition of Zagato Atelier co-operation with premium British automotive brands over several decades.

Ace, Bristol, Aston Martin, Jaguar, MG, Rolls Royce and Rover are among the UK-based brands that have worked with the Milan Atelier in the past to produce, what are now some of the most sought after collector's cars in the world.

Considering the ostentatious proportions of the Bentley Continental GT, Zagato set about refining the shape by fusing it with an oversized grille, which is subtended by a wide mesh insert spanning the width of the front bumper.

Perhaps the most striking view is the rear three-quarter one, which shows off the elaborately curved rear, accentuated by the thin slat rear light arrangements.

Power comes from the VW sourced 6-litre, W12 engine, providing 411kW of power and 650Nm of torque.


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