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Yanks crank out 735kW Gallardo

2010-01-15 06:59
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Lamborghini
Model GALLARDO LP560-4
Engine 5l V10 twin-turbo
Power 608kW
The American car tuning scene has evolved into two rather distinct camps.

One caters for traditional Detroit muscle cars, bolting forced induction kits onto all manner of pushrod actuated V8/10 engines.

In recent years though, some other (more youthful) Stateside tuners have begun to busy themselves with the fettling of European performance models – usually with alarming results.

Playboy name - serious intent

One of America's most promising tuning concerns is Heffner performance.

A Floridian tuning shop operating out of Sarasota, the Heffner performance team has a penchant for adding twin-turbo exhaust plumbing to exotic European supercars.

The latest of its rather mad customer-driven projects is a properly quick Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 twin-turbo.

You’d be quite within reason to question the need for additional turbocharged performance from the LP560. It remains, after all, one of the world's most admired supercars.

Remember though, this is America – and super sizing is a principle of life…

The business end of a Heffner performance Gallardo LP560 twin-turbo conversion.

Twin-turbo logic

So what have the guys at Heffner done?

Well, they've slotted a pair of turbos onto the 5l V10 Lamborghini engine, running at a relatively harmless boost pressure of around half a bar.

The result? A disquieting increase in peak power of 196kW. It’s like having an additional Subaru WRX flat-four engine stuck under the V10 amidships…

Despite now running 608kW, all other Gallardo LP560 components on the Heffner twin-turbo conversion remain untouched – testament to the generous safety margin (and toughness) engineered into the car in stock form.

Only distinguishing styling trinket is the new spoiler - Gallardo styling left mercifully untouched

Proper gas equals stupendous performance

Employing the launch control function, Heffner test pilots have recorded impressively repeatable 2.8 second runs over the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint.

Although the team is still a little while away from a suicidal top end run, the next performance goal is to see the car running nine second quarter mile times.

Need even more?

Well, if you have a neat stockpile of 100 octane fuel in your garage at home the Heffner Gallardo LP560 will run at 735kW - or 1 000 horses if you prefer the more dramatic imperial measurement...


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