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X1 gets new knob from Schnitzer

2010-02-19 10:46
Renowned BMW tuner AC Schnitzer has given Munich’s latest cross-over, the X1, a neat power upgrade and styling package.

Called the X1 E84, AC Schnitzer has embellished the X1’s styling with new spoilers (fore and aft), bonnet-vents (enhanced by optional chromed centre webs) and a rear skirt extension.

Rolling in the X1 E84’s wheelarches are 19-inch, five-blade Type VIII alloy wheels featuring a bi-colour finish.

Schnitzer’s customising does not apply exclusively to the exterior surfacing either; the cabin has been given some thorough detailing.

Carbon-fibre trim, an aluminium handbrake girdle and pedal set, velour floor mats (wonder how long those will last?) and a ‘Black Line’ i-Drive cover all contribute to the X1 E84’s newfangled cabin ambience.

Cutting edge digital technology?

The best part of the cabin detailing package is undoubtedly the digital transmission sifter top.

It features a neat 1980s calculator font digital display of the gear you’re in, just in-case you start doubting yourself mid-corner and feel the need to look down and confirm you’re in third, not second.

Honestly, this digital gearknob must be the worst example of over-imaginative German engineering, well, ever…

Dynamically the X1 E84 package does feature some improvements over the standard range. AC Schnitzer has dropped the suspension with new springs at all four wheel corners and they’ve managed to coax more power from the engines too.

The 1.8d boosts from 105- to 125kW, whilst the 2.0d gains an additional 24kW to peak at 155kW.

So, if you really desire to customise your X1 and a digital gearknob is the unique selling point above all others for you, well, the X1 E84 from AC Schnitzer is perfect. Right?


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