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Wimmer's 500kW fix for 'slow' GT2s

2009-05-18 08:22
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model Wimmer GT2
Engine 3.6l biturbo
Power 500kW
Torque 870Nm
Transmission 3.4 sec
Zero To Hundred 356km/h
If you think it's weird that 90% of Germany's blades are sourced from Solingen, consider that local resident Thorsten Wimmer does a 500kW GT2 conversion. Now that's weird.

Wimmer Rennsporttechnik thought the stock Porsche 997 GT2 was scandalously underpowered, what with it producing a mere 390kW in factory trim. It’s not exactly clear where this perception stemmed from…

Doesn't look like much, but you'll with 500kW at the flywheel, you'll still have plenty of power going directly to the rear wheels. Life assurance paid up?

GT2 too slow?

For any sane person 390kW would be a very sufficient power output. For any German aftermarket tuner though, an excuse is hardly necessary to fiddle around in the engine bay – even if it’s as mechanic-unfriendly as the 997’s rear-engine layout is.

The Wimmer Biturbo conversion is not a standard custom exhaust and ECU reprogramming exercise, these Wimmer boys have been spending an inordinate amount of time at the flowbench.

Machinists have replaced the standard Porsche titanium exhaust system with new outlet plumbing bent by Wimmer – though how much better one can do than a factory titanium outlet system is highly debateable.

New turbos?

Borg Warner’s variable geometry turbos are not left untouched either - these have been replaced by Wimmer's own optimised units, fettled by technicians to boost in perfect flow exchange with a polished and ported cylinder head, housing reprofiled camshafts.

Ensuring a measure of environmental validity are Zeller high flow, performance catalytic converters. These newfangled engine goodies are all matched and directed in operation by a reprogrammed ECU unit, and it results is an unholy 500kW and 870Nm of peak rotational force.

Curiously subtle for a German aftermarket Porsche GT2 conversion - all things considered. Only Sportec wheels and elaborate rear spoiler give the game away - pretty essential bit of kit with a 356km/h top speed.

Fast. Very (add expletive here) fast.

If you are particularly good with the sharper performance clutch Wimmer has fitted and don’t mind leaving copious amounts of Dunlop Sport-Maxx 325/25 tyres as rubber smears in the road, reckon on 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds. Altogether more disturbing is the 0-300km/h sprint in only 25.8 seconds on your way to a 356km/h top speed.

Considering the GT2's well deserved reputation as Porsche’s widow-maker, German suspension specialists Werner Heine and Heinz Remmen (from H&R, obviously) offer an expertly tuned, coil-over suspension kit for the Wimmer GT2 Biturbo conversion.

Aesthetically the Wimmer car features odd, checked flag graphics, carbon-fibre side-mirrors and an ornate rear spoiler. Wimmer's conversion is neat, subtle, powerful and unforgiving, just the way GT2s are supposed to be.


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