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Want to go to tuner school?

2009-06-12 10:27
Keen on starting your own tuning company? How about going back to school for three and a half months at Hennessey performance engineering near Houston?

Operated under the auspices of notorious Texan muscle car tuner and power fiend John Hennessey, his course costs $14 500 and is limited to 20 students. School starts at 08:30 each morning and ends by 12:30.

The curriculum covers all those topics you wished they had in high school math and science - brakes, road racing, manual transmissions (it’s Texas, everything is two-pedal), exhausts, vendors, dynos and how to install turbos, superchargers and nitrous systems.

Students divide their time between the Lonestart Motorsport Park racing complex and Hennessey’s workshop, fitting custom parts at the latter, then testing their application at the track.

Texan theory, Korean practical

Although Hennessey is renowned for adding forced induction to Dodge products (especially Vipers), the tuner school has a rear-wheel drive Hyundai Genesis Coupe, donated by the Korean manufacturer, for students to practice their skills on.

Having graduated the first wave of students, Hennessey is now investigating two advanced courses called "Tuner Fabrication & Advanced Tuning" and "Tuner Entrepreneurship" which should enable students to outsource less, and run more profitable businesses.

Although the affable Texan has in recent years seen a spate of claims from irate customers, who claimed to have had cars delivered way past contractual date and with substandard power claims to boot, Hennessey continues unperturbed from his facility outside Houston.

With John Lingenfelter having passed on, Hennessey has taken over the mantle as America’s tuning Godfather.

Love or loathe him, but if anybody can teach you how to make it in the tuning game, it’s John Hennessey.


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