The good, bad and ugly of Fernando Alonso's F1 career

'Fernando Alonso is one of the all-time greats', writes Egmont Sippel.

Here's why Toyota's Rush is doing so well

Toyota has apparently now completed its utter domination of the SA gravel travel market, writes Lance Branquinho.

Video: Veyron 6 Series?

2010-09-27 08:38
Buggati's monster Veyron could be a petrol head’s dream car but the price tag puts it well out of reach of most.

However a Russian car enthusiast unperturbed by the Veyron's price has taken the approach of "if you can't own it, make your car look like it" … with relative success.

As seen on zercustoms.com, the car is in fact a modified BMW 6 Series with a complete Veyron body kit built from scratch. The owner of this modified ‘Veyron 6 Series’ kept the chassis, powertrain and interior of the original. It's not perfect (the rims are a dead giveaway) but it's not a bad effort:


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