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VW's GTI scissor-door concept

2008-05-23 10:08
Attempting to usurp the German VW tuning community at their hallowed Wörthersee proving ground, VW show their very orange Golf GTI Performance design study.

You can hardly believe this is the company which produces the Polo range after seeing the GTI Performance study.

Wörthersee in Austria is renowned for showcasing the most outlandish VW Golf mods during their yearly festival, and this year the factory boys are set to give the aftermarket tuners a two-fingered salute.

With an extreme wide body styling kit, lowered suspension and the most lurid colour finish you've ever seen from a VW factory car, the GTI Performance study is hardly a study in subtlety.

The bumpers are simply ridiculous, you could not even clear a dead dassie in the middle of the road with them, and the rear bumper has two huge cut-outs for the exhausts. What is sure to irk GTI purists no end are the Lamborghini inspired scissor-doors.

Interior design echo's the insane exterior in hue, with the dubious orange and black check board pattern covering pretty much everything.

An oddity is the 'two-plus-one' seating arrangement, with on a single, centre mounted rear seat. VW have released no technical details concerning the car.


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